Bluelounge Sanctuary Organizes and Charges Your Gadgets
Bluelounge Sanctuary: An Organizational Haven For Your Gadgets

I'm obsessed with docking stations! I think it's awesome to have all of your gadgets being charged neatly in one designated spot so you never forget to grab this or that as you're walking out the door. I can't tell you how many times I was already outside my apartment, on my way to work, when I realized my iPhone was still sitting on the coffee table! Go a day without my iPhone? Never!

So when I saw some of the Bluelounge products at MacWorld this year, I was stoked when they told me about the Sanctuary. Now that it's finally available, I can get organized in style. To see what's so great (and not so great) about The Sanctuary,


I love me some gadget organization, but the only downside is, style like this doesn't exactly come cheap. At $129, the Sanctuary is not only the smartest docking station I've seen (next to their Space Station model, which is an awesome desk organizer), but it's the most versatile. Compatible with over 1,500 devices, your faves are sure to fit right in. Plus, if you factor in how many gadgets you lug around in your bag every day, and how many times you've tripped (again) over your Blackberry cord, I'm sure it will be more than worth the price!