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Geek Culture
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Book Recommendation App

BookRx: A Web App That Recommends Books Based On Tweets

Hey bookworm, if you're already looking for your next read, the answer lies in your tweets. BookRx is a book prescription engine that analyzes hashtags, accounts followed, and words used frequently to create custom reading suggestions.

Just enter in a Twitter handle, and BookRX will match the account to six or seven different subjects of interest, offering the top-selling and most iconic books in each category.

The web app isn't perfect (it thought #pizza was most directly related to science and technology), but it's a neat artificial intelligence experiment by Northwestern University's Knight Lab. Give it a try and tell us — what do your tweets say about your reading preferences?

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Thibaut14743718 Thibaut14743718 4 years
It's not a bad idea but it doesn't work... You should try this little new app called "Gus" ( Gus' recommendations are much better than those from Amazon and the app is dead simple. Cheers
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