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Books Based on Popular Internet Memes

Meme-orable Gifting: 11 Books to Please Any Web Geek

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You know the type: they've never posted a #latergram, they tweeted pics of the Pinkett-Smith's gaping mouths before the last jerk of Miley's twerk, and they know precisely what the fox says. They are your siblings, college dorm buddies, and office cubemates, and undoubtedly one or more of them resides on your holiday gift list. But what to gift these quick trigger-fingered friends when any tangible, brick-and-mortar object is so one mouse click ago?

Encourage your webaholic pal to rest those tirelessly typing and swiping digits while savoring printed versions of the Internet's most popular memes. You may need to explain the mechanics of page-turning, but once they master that archaic skill, giggles and sighs of nostalgia are certain to follow.

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