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Bookshelf With Home Theater: Love It Or Leave It?

Our friends from Apartment Therapy will be the first people to remind us that not everyone has room for an enormous 100-inch plasma in their living room. In fact, almost anyone living in a small apartment can probably vouch for the fact that it's hard to create a great entertainment center in a small space. That's why I happen to love the Livit Bookshelf with a built-in screen. You can hide the screen when you're not using it, store plenty of books on the shelves and keep your living space clean and uncluttered. This model is 170 centimeters, or 66.9 inches wide, which I'll admit is far from a drool-worthy home entertainment system, but I like the idea overall. Would you use something like this?
Source: Gizmodo

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Jrsjewels Jrsjewels 9 years
Oh, this sounds like a winner!
bushra bushra 9 years
does it come with a projector? i'd absolutely love one of these, maybe not in black though.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
I LOVE it. I need a place for all of my extra DVD's. That would be perfect.
Zasu Zasu 9 years
Brilliant. Just brilliant.
gspencer gspencer 9 years
That is a GREAT idea. Now if there was a way to make it hang taut so that the picture is always Perfect!
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
its ok.
whereisdianne whereisdianne 9 years
Do you know where you can buy this? I totally love it! It'll save up sooo much space.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
<33 it.
notoriuskitty notoriuskitty 9 years
i love this! it's everything all in one! how interesting... i want one!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
That is something I need too! Our 52 inch takes up SO much room - but this would be a perfect solution!
orisugar orisugar 9 years
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I could definitely use something like this in my small apartment!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
the screen bit is pretty cool! i love that you don't have to have it out all the time
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
I wonder how strong it is--how hard is it to put up?
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
That is a great idea!
abby55 abby55 9 years
love and entertainment!
buffyrulez buffyrulez 9 years
love it!
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
I love this but it's not practical for me :-(
LadyLibertine LadyLibertine 9 years
Love the idea and if I had a lot of money would get it for my room
mrscaru mrscaru 9 years
Love the screen idea but not the black shelves.
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
Love it.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
I think it looks great. Multifunctional too!
MissKristina101 MissKristina101 9 years
MissKristina101 MissKristina101 9 years
jdots24 jdots24 9 years
this is neat!
rewcath rewcath 9 years
love it, love the new sleek uncluttered look
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