I may have a game-loving gramps, but he doesn't really venture into the Internet without a little assistance. I'll cut him a break since he's in his eighties, but a recent study shows that more and more seniors are taking the plunge into Facebook, blogs, and tech in general than ever before. Stats show that the senior population (age 65 and over) that uses the Internet has tripled since 2005.

Back in the day, it used to be nearly impossible for the older set to get a handle on tech, but it seems that as times progress and technology is a little easier to grasp, senior citizens aren't afraid to jump in and get their feet wet online. Even if your dad still needs help with his WiFi, you can give him props for at least having an email address. Do the seniors in your life use technology? Share your hilarious family stories with us in our Funny Tech Stories group, or brag about how quickly they got the hang of Twitter below!