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Brody Jenner Appears on Live With Regis and Kelly and Discusses BlackBerry Messenger

Brody Jenner Talks About the Importance of BBM in Dating

For all of you BlackBerry owners, I'm sure you're well aware of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Basically what it is, is IM right on your phone in real time. Unlike SMS, messages are free since they are sent through RIM servers, just like email. Now here comes the fun part: When you send a message, you'll see a D beside it to let you know that it was delivered. And as soon as the recipient reads the message, an R will appear (to show it has been received). Therefore, with BBM, it becomes impossible to ignore messages since the sender will know if you got the message but aren't responding. On yesterday's Live With Regis and Kelly, Bromance star Brody Jenner mentioned how his love affair with his girlfriend started with BBM. Are you a BBM user? What do you think about its revealing features?

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bronzebeauty719 bronzebeauty719 8 years
absolutely love BBM! its free and u dont get charged extra for messaging people overseas unlike international sms. its just a great quick way of keeping in touch with everyone.
Jasmin14921509 Jasmin14921509 8 years
love the bbm. it was so great with co-workers who are friends and you don't want messages to be sent via email... and i feel it's just so much simpler to have an IM open with your friends, rather than sending texts.
serenavallentine serenavallentine 8 years
i LOVE my bb and bbm is very important to me and my small social circle. i was really unhappy to learn quite a few of my friends had gotten iphones, however. i am not really one for making phone calls and texting takes too much time, bbm is the way to go. i wish there was a way to get the bbm application on other phones for all my non-bb friends. sigh.
Angelica Angelica 8 years
I never use the BBM on my phone, but I see where it could be a great stalker-ish tool for dating and even just keeping in touch with people. It drives me wacky to think texts that I send to others, or get sent to me, are getting lost in the lineup of 100 emails on the BB. My BB inbox is a mess and a half.
Daethian Daethian 8 years
I have a BB but I don't know anyone else with a BB who uses the BBM. *shrug* No need with unlimited texting plans or emails.
willowdiamond willowdiamond 8 years
I don't really see a point in it because it's yet another account you have to create and your friends have to have Blackberries to use it, I believe, and I don't know anyone with one. I'm thinking about getting rid of mine, though, I've had so much trouble with it.
iHeartU83 iHeartU83 8 years
I use this, and i love it. I only have a few contacts because a lot of my friends don't have bbm, or they don't use it often. But I would use it more if more of my friends and family had a blackberry.
elizabeth1689 elizabeth1689 8 years
i wish i had this feature on my phone! when i send a text message to another verizon customer i'm able to tell if it got to their phone, but not if they've read it yet
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