Since I'm sure all you geeks are total party hounds, or maybe just dig organizing your music and busting out the disco balls every so often, I wanted to show you this cool download I just tried out called beaTunes.

Yes, it's yet another iTunes music organizer, but this time it does all the work for you. Unlike Moody, where you have to tag all your tunes depending on how the music makes you feel, beaTunes analyzes your music and tags them with a color and bpm (beat per minute) so when you're playing DJ, or just chillaxin at home, your music will always match what you're into. To hear more about this awesome download,


For example, if I were spending a quiet eve at home, I would queue up my favorite slow song, hit "new matchlist" and beaTunes will match the bpm and color to ensure I'm not shocked out of my relaxed state by a sudden appearance by one of my AC/DC tracks. What's more, beaTunes helps you clean up your library by alerting you of typos, wrong genre, and even tell you what language the songs are in, in case you didn't know. Plus, for you music fanatics, you can blog about a song right from beaTunes into Blogger. Thankfully, beaTunes is free for a 14-day demo, but you'll have to shell out $25 after that to get the full version.