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Bulbstorm Helps You Develop Your Great Ideas With Feedback and Crowd Imput

Website of the Day: Bulbstorm

You've got an idea burning up your brain right now, I can feel it. If you're obsessed with shows like Shark Tank and American Inventor because you keep thinking "my idea is way better than his," then take note: Bulbstorm allows you to ease in to the product development arena by uploading your idea safely and securely to their site, and then get feedback from your friends.

After all your pals weigh in on your invention or product, you can open the door to the Bulbstorm community for their two cents, which has been known to lead to production deals, partnerships, and advice on how to polish your product before you look for financing. Not to mention giving you some street cred and serious word-of-mouth advertising. But Blubstorm isn't just a place for inventors. Find out who else can use this service when you


Industry professionals and consultants can log in and give advice to new and budding inventors to help them with their product. You can also find legal advisers with profiles on Bulbstorm, looking to find new clients to take on. Just think as Blubstorm as one big Rolodex filled with contacts to help you along.


Have an interesting website you want to share? Here's how you can post your site in our Website of the Day group:

  1. First of all, join the Website of the Day group.
  2. Click "New Post" under the website of the day tab at the top of the page.
  3. Give your story a "Title."
  4. Fill in the "Body" with a link to your favorite website and the reasons why you love it.
  5. Type "Technology and Gadgets" in the Categories box
  6. Add keyword(s) in the tag field with relevant tags (for example mine for this story was "Website of the Day").
  7. Choose whether you want the post to be private or public.
  8. Click "Create Post" to submit content.

So join the Website of the Day group and share information about all your favorite sites! Yours just might end up on the GeekSugar homepage!

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