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5 Things We Wish CES Would've Had

We had a great time at this year's CES in Las Vegas, but even the best-planned conventions could use a little constructive criticism. While the show itself ran excellently, I couldn't help notice a few small tweaks that might have made a huge difference.

  • Moving walkways Generally, I don't like moving walkways as a replacement for actually walking. It seems unnecessarily lazy. But, seeing as we're in Las Vegas and that the Convention Center is humongous, my sore feet would love a ride from booth to booth.
  • A siesta lounge Long hours aside, Las Vegas breeds insomnia, and just about everyone at CES looks like they could use a break. Whether it's from working too hard or playing too hard (or, probably a combination of them both), some sort of rest area with an hour-long time limit may do wonders for productivity and stress levels.
  • There's more! Find out the rest of the reasons after the break.

  • Free drinks What isn't better with free drinks? In addition to its quirky arcade game, Speck also included a bar that opened at 12 noon. Needless to say, we paid our Speck friends a second visit.
  • Lockers Samples plus heavy gadgets do not a relaxing day make. Bags loaded with laptops, phones, chargers, cameras, and all of the other necessities for setting up a mobile office aren't easy to carry. Toss in some extra swag, and by the end of the day you're ready to drag your bag on the ground behind you. The best solution: storage lockers! You know, the same kind you lock your shoes in at the ice skating rink.
  • Chair massages We saw one massage station, but we wish there were more. In fact, this place is so big; I can't even remember where it was. Walking all day with heavy bags leads to a seriously stiff neck and back the next day, plenty of massage chairs would help alleviate some of it!
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