I'm stoked about the future of technology and design, because I'm witnessing products now that look like my favorite futuristic movies that I watched back in the day! From sleek cell phones to high tech beds to lounge on, concept design is becoming an obsession of mine. Although this little gadget performs a well known function, you might not be able to tell by its design. Do you know what it does? To find out,


It's an iPod Dock! The egg shaped dock and speaker system was the brainchild of New Jersey designer Nathan Gabriele and when I stumbled across the pics, I just had to share. Open up the egg and you find two satellite speakers, with the base acting as a sub woofer for you to bump during your next get together. Plus, if you want to take it with you and show it off at your friend's pad, just drop it in its hot little neoprene jacket for easy transport. I definitely need one of these! Check out the rest of Nathan's profile too — he's got a certain MP4 player that I'd love to get my hands on as well!