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Canon PowerShot D10 is a Waterproof, Freeze Proof, and Shockproof Digital Camera

New Canon PowerShot D10 Is Shock-, Freeze-, and Water-Proof

Have you been waiting for a point-and-shoot digital camera that can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'? The PowerShot D10 is one of the most appealing models in Canon's refreshed line of cameras, due to its 12-megapixel sensor and ability to go underwater, in freezing temperatures, and resistance to being dropped (if you're prone to that . . . like some people I know. And when I say some people, I mean me).

The plates of color are interchangeable — looks like blue, orange and camo are the choices, and the camera will cost $330 and be available starting in May, just in time for Summer.

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a-million-suns a-million-suns 8 years
Ooooh, waterproof!! Now if I could just take my SLR underwater, then we'd be rockin'. Hoaxerz- Are those things not very reliable? Surprising for how much they cost!
Hoaxerz Hoaxerz 8 years
An underwater-capable digital camera is definitely appealing; I don't trust underwater housings enough to take my SLR swimming.
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
Ooooo....I love that it's freeze proof, because living in the great white north, I've lost more devices to accidentally leaving them in the car than any other reason!
karen-zoo karen-zoo 8 years
I'll wait til I read the cnet review. I'm addicted to that site. I don't buy anything electronic without consulting it :p
Twisted-Elegance Twisted-Elegance 8 years
my birthday is in april so i'll probably get a new digital camera before may (i don't know that i'll be able to wait for this one lol).. any suggestions on good waterproof cameras?
Hmmm how is this compared to the newest Olympus Stylus Tough?
kia kia 8 years
me want.
ur_momm ur_momm 8 years
I was just talking about this with my friend last night... my canon point and shoot camera just died (someone sat on it) but it's been through a lot in the last 2 years... dropping it while drunk... drunk friends dropping it... This was my 4th digital camera in 7 years, they're just not made to lastin my opinion! maybe ill look into this one. it can go under water?
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