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Can't Access Your Gmail? Don't Spaz Out (Like I Did)

Can't Access Your Gmail? Don't Spaz Out (Like I Did)

This has only happened to me once (knock on wood it never happens again), but about eight months ago, I went to sign into Gmail as I normally would and it wouldn't let me in . . . just like that. As I entered my password over and over, double-checking CAPS LOCK for the umpteenth time as my heart started to race faster, I immediately started freaking out — yes I was at work, and yes I put my deodorant to work that day! Because all my pictures are on Picasa, docs on Google docs, and email (email!) couldn't be accessed, I feel like my entire life flashed before me.

To see what happened next, and to learn some useful tips if this ever happens to you, just


After four hours of this, I realized that Google could lock me out of my account for a week (as I kept entering my password) so I did a bit of searching and realized I had a secondary email associated with the account — hallelujah old-school Hotmail to the rescue! Google was able to send me a link through my hotmail account so I could reset my password and therefore sign in again. To do this, sign in to Gmail, go to Settings, Accounts, and then Google Account Settings, Change Security Question and you should see an option to add a secondary email address. Well I guess a major freak-out wasn't necessary because the Official Google Blog has addressed this issue, providing some helpful tips and tricks if you can't access your Gmail — like not responding to messages that ask you for your login information or utilizing the account-recovery process.

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KaiaBlackthorne KaiaBlackthorne 9 years
Thanks for the reminder! I went to check my settings and the email address I had there, I don't have anymore! I would have been very sad if I got locked out with no where to turn to!
mocona mocona 9 years
knock on wood it never happens again - this actually ver funny, it's like a chinese people do when thinking something bad
mocona mocona 9 years
knock on wood it never happens again < this actually very funny
mocona mocona 9 years
knock on wood it never happens again << this actually very funny.. just like a chinese people do when said something bad...
tina_thepunk tina_thepunk 9 years
this happened to me recently! i had to start a new google account because i was locked out of my old email address. huge lame bummer. :(
jspeed jspeed 9 years
OMG I would totally freak out too! I would be lost without my Google calendar, and my budget spreadsheet. Thanks for the tip - I'm going to check my secondary account settings now (and back up some files onto my laptop. I really should get into that habit!)
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Oh, cool! Good to know. By the way, is it just me, or have Gmail and Gchat been extra glitchy lately? I feel like every day I get at least a couple of errors, and for some reason it seems to have started right around the release of Chrome... :ponder:
marinewifey marinewifey 9 years
Thanks for sharing!
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