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Capcom Digital Day Game Previews

Capcom Digital Day: An Early Peek at This Year's Hit Games

I was lucky enough to hit up the Capcom Digital Day on Monday to get a sneak peek at Capcom's gaming babies due to show up on store shelves this year. I even got to play a few that I was looking forward to, and some that I wasn't expecting to love — but did! All I have to say is, these people know how to throw a geeky party: games, food, chips and goodie bags? Sign me up! The word of the day should have been Retro since a majority of the games were close to our hearts from hours spent in the arcade — our fave 90's games reborn to fit today's hi-def diet. Yum!

Lost Planet, Colonies
One of the biggest titles to show at Digital Day was Lost Planet, Colonies. This action shooter was intense! Not only were all the bloggers lined up to test their hand at the game, but they kept coming back for more. One of the coolest deets I learned was that you can play as the Akrid (the big scary spider monster) in this title. Normally, you're trying to take down the scary things, but now you can turn the tables on the dudes with the guns. Lost Planet, Colonies ($30) is due May 27 for Xbox 360 and your PC.

There are plenty more titles to see when you

Wii Love Golf
Due out in July on the Wii, this colorful and fun golfing game wasn't available for us to demo, but it's one I'm looking forward to playing anyway! Touted as being more realistic than Wii Sports, Wii Love Golf turns your Wiimote into a full set of clubs. Perfect for the player looking for more of a challenge, weather conditions, dips and rises in the greens, even the way you flick your wrist factor into your game.

If you like real time strategy games and pirates, then you'll dig Plunder. Available this Summer on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and your PC, this multiplayer title is super fun 'cause you get to raid other people's forts, take down their ships and commandeer their supplies, all while maintaining safety on your boats and shores. Savvy?

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
In this arcade shooter, the point is to. . .well, shoot! Like in those old school arcade games, just keep firing away at the enemy. With multiplayer action, the game ups the ante, making it more difficult as you add more players. And that's pretty smart. Wolf of the Battlefield is due out this Spring on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 points, and the Playstation Network for $10.

Street Fighter II Super Turbo HD Remix
Quite a title, huh? It's the Street Fighter you remember and love, but way nicer to look at. All 17 Street Fighter characters are back and drawn by the same artists that brought you the original. It sure was a trip to play one of my bowling alley staples after so long! Look for Street Fighter II Super Turbo HD this Summer on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network.





beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
the one wii game looks boring. :(
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