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Mind the Gap With Your iPhone

Reader birdsflyinghigh recently posted this story in the Funny Tech Stories group:

Sometimes the odds are against you. I take public transportation (BART), and sometimes my good friend takes the BART with me. We usually chat the entire ride into work. My friend had shut off her iPhone and laid it on her lap but left the headphones in like most do. Finally at our exit, we got up from our seats to get off the train, the doors opened and we both proceeded to exit the train. Unfortunately, my friend had forgotten her headphones were in her ears and the iPhone on her lap. Just as we crossed from the train to platform, we heard a big splash. The gap between the train and platform is probably no more than 6 inches and maybe even less. We both looked down this slender gap and there lie her iPhone in a huge puddle of water. The train sped away onto its next stop as my friend and I stood there in sheer amazement. I mean really, what are the odds? I grabbed the station agent, who found someone who could retrieve the phone. But the phone was completely water logged. It is not that funny but lesson learned, mind the gap!

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