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11 Cat Leggings You've Been Missing All Your Life

Jan 27 2014 - 2:04pm

First unicorn leggins [1], now cat leggings? Not like we're complaining or anything. From cats in space to Grumpy Cat designs, your favorite new stretch pants await. (You know, if cat dresses and skirts [2] aren't your thing.) Meow!

Source: Etsy user WOWCHNYC [3]

Three words: space cat leggings [4] ($28).

These cat leggings [5] ($21, originally $28) could be creepy, but we like to think they're cute.

I scream, meow scream, we all scream for these incredible cat leggings [6] ($45).

Man, if these leggings [7] ($20, originally $23) could talk.

Grumpy Cat might not be happy about these leggings [8] ($25), but we sure are.

Is there such a thing as too much cat? Try out these crazy cat lady leggings [9] ($66) and see for yourself.

New travel attire? Airplane pilot cat leggings [10] ($30).

Furball leggings [11] ($36): so simple, so purrfect.

What's black and white and cute all over? These cat leggings [12] ($19), duh.

Didn't you know? Cats in glasses [13] ($41) are the new trend.

Can't pick a favorite cat? You don't have to with these leggings [14] ($22, originally $25).

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