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13 Celebs Who Hate Technology

Apr 19 2015 - 6:30am

One of the biggest headlines in Hollywood in recent memory was the nude photo hack [1] that affected dozens of actresses. Many celebrities spoke out about some of the evils of the Internet [2] in the aftermath, but even before that, certain stars were airing how much they hate computers, phones, specific websites, and social media. Ahead, see which of your favorite famous faces can't stand technology or don't even know how to use it, in their own words.

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Jennifer Aniston

On computers, big and small, in 2008 [4]: "I'm really computer illiterate . . . When I see people on their BlackBerrys, working them like some girls work a hair dryer, I'm just stunned."

Johnny Depp

On owning a phone in 2010 [5]: "I just don't like phones. I just don't like them . . . being reachable all the time."

Winona Ryder

On the Internet in 2010 [6]: "I don't use the Internet, but apparently you can find out everything on it . . . I have my email on my BlackBerry, and that's about it. I've never read a blog, ever."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina on using tech in 2008 [7]: "As Brad knows, I don't really know how to turn on a computer."

Brad on googling himself in 2010 [8]: "Dear God. No. Never. First of all, I don't really know how to operate a computer."

Angelina on online shopping in 2011 [9]: "Brad and I were on Amazon.com for the first time a week ago. But we got lost. After an hour, we just shut it off. My brain is too scattered, and the wires go in different directions. I'll stick to catalogs."

George Clooney

On Facebook in 2009 [10]: "I'd rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page . . . "

Rachel McAdams

On all tech in 2009 [11]: "I listen to the news on the radio. I don't have a television, and I am really bad at email . . . [It was] only [recently] that I heard about Twitter for the first time, and it's all I've heard about since. I'm really ignorant."

Jennifer Lawrence

On social media in 2012 [12]: "Do you ever feel like the world is progressing way too fast for you? Everybody was talking yesterday about Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr. It was really confusing me and overwhelming me . . . I don't have it. I know by the time I get it, it'll be something else. I bought a CD case less than a year ago."

On iCloud in 2014 [13]: "My iCloud keeps telling me to back it up, and I'm like, I don't know how to back you up. Do it yourself."

Julia Roberts

On social media in 2013 [14]: "It's kind of like cotton candy: it looks so appealing and you just can't resist getting in there, and then you just end up with sticky fingers and it lasted an instant."

And about googling herself: "I have too much potential for collapse . . . There's an anonymity that makes people feel safe to participate in hatefulness. I like a good old-fashioned fistfight if people are pissed off at each other. I just feel like if you're really mad and want to have a fight, then put your dukes up."

Daniel Radcliffe

On social media in 2013 [15]: "There's certain things you can do to make it a lot easier on yourself . . . I don't have Twitter and I don't have Facebook, and I think that makes things a lot easier because if you go on Twitter and tell everybody what you're doing moment to moment and then claim you want a private life, then no one is going to take that request seriously."

Source: BBC [16]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

On social media in 2011 [17]:

Ashley: "No Facebook. No Twitter . . . That gives me so much anxiety."

Mary-Kate: "We've spent our whole lives trying to not let people have that accessibility, so it would go against everything we've done in our lives to not be in the public."

Shailene Woodley

On not having a phone in 2014 [18]: "I'm not a big technology person. I don't even have a smartphone. I don't even have a cell phone! And if I were to have one, it would be a flip-phone."

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