Despite studies that say consumers aren't swayed by celebrity endorsements, celebrity-driven gadget ad campaigns are at an all time high.

Whether celebrity gadget sightings are unintentional (take for instance Alicia Keys playing with her Samsung Camcorder at a Knicks game, or Lauren Conrad taking her BlackBerry with her everywhere), others are very intentional and well paid for. The reemergence of HP's The Computer is Personal Again staring Serena Williams got me thinking about the top celebrity gadget endorsements of the last couple of years and why companies continue to use famous names and faces to rep their products.

I've picked a selection of 10 campaigns that made me stop, rewind and pay attention, even if I didn't end up buying any of the items. (How cute was Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin — seen at right — in her HP printer commercial where she talks about moments in her life captured with pictures?!) Scroll through the widget below to see my picks.

To check out the actual ads,

Maria Sharapova for Canon
I knew who Sharapova was before the Canon ads, but the clever smiley-faced tennis ball gimmick was the first thing she did that got my attention.

Shakira for Panasonic
Her hips don't lie, so she must not either, right? Shakira's Panasonic ads are as beautiful and mesmerizing as she is. The company gets bonus points for letting Shakira show off her dance moves and music and not just their cameras.

David Beckham for Motorola
We give David Beckham a hard time for his questionable gadget accessory style, but his ads for the RAZR2 and MotoRAZR are all chic. Becks just does print ads in the US for Motorola, but this behind the scenes of him on a European Motorola set is worth sharing.

Vera Wang for HP
Designer Vera Wang was the first woman to take part in HP's The Computer Is Personal Again campaign and her ad is whimsical and romantic as her designs.

Jay-Z for HP
Hip hop mogul and entrepreneur Jay-Z exudes cool so it was no surprise HP picked him as well for the The Computer Is Personal Again campaign. I love that the ad shows his resume. Like he needs one.

Shakira image courtesy of Shakira Gallery.