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Cell Phone Camera Tip: Remember Restaurant Menus

I have a habit my boyfriend hates, but it's really hard to stop. Every time I pass a restaurant on the street, I have to stop and read the menu. I can't help it. I've learned to do a really quick glance for the most important things — type of food, prices, all while keeping pace with my impatient boyfriend.

Then it struck me the other day when a menu caught my eye, doy, I'll just take a pic of it (my cell phone's camera never stops being useful). I get to satisfy my street menu urge, and even better, when I plug my iPhone into my computer, iPhoto '09 and Picasa geotag it, so I know exactly where I saw it.

P.S. Menu type too small? Snap a pic of the restaurant's sign and look it up on Yelp later.

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zakazaka zakazaka 8 years
Great tip - you can also upload photos of menus to a restaurant's page on Urban Spoon (although it only seems to cover major cities, and they seem to be pretty fussy about the quality of menu photos).
a1stbornunicorn a1stbornunicorn 8 years
did you know there is software that allows the scanning of pictures so that visually impaired people can read menus from photographs like this hey take on their phones? crazy cool. random, i know.. i just found this out on thursday.
yummymango yummymango 8 years
Great tip! I do that too – looking at menus of restaurants that look interesting to me – but never thought about taking a pic of them. Seems so simple! Hahaha. Thanks for the tip!
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