Yesterday PetSugar talked about VIP Fibers, a company that will take your pet's fur and hand spin it into Fur-Ever Yarn. . . It's totally legit I swear.

After entertaining the idea and sharing a few laughs with co-workers, I couldn't believe my eyes when I noticed that they actually make random things like cell-phone and iPod cases! Hot right?! Yes, after taming the mane of your dog, you can send Bruno's hair to VIP Fibers where it can be knitted into a lovely cell-phone pouch.

Once you click on the site, you'll discover the pocket iPod pouch at number 12 for $10 and keep scrolling down to number 29 for the $30 cell-phone case. And when someone compliments you on your (cough, cough) extraordinary gadget case, you can say, "It's entirely made from Bruno's fur!" Fierce!