I am totally guilty of looking scandalized and insisting that my cell phone is a necessity, but if I stretch my brain, I can remember a time when I didn't have a cell phone and got along just fine. In fact, I definitely remember uttering the obnoxious sentiment, "I don't want a cell phone . . . It's like an electronic leash!" (Yes, I know I was kidding myself.)

With my job and crazy-busy life, I can't imagine not having a cell phone — but really, people were OK before them (but sad, no iPhones to play with?), and my "cell phones are necessities" tune definitely changes the more I hear of younger and younger kids getting cell phones. I know kids in elementary schools who have cell phones?! Not to mention the fact that some people can not only afford a $400 phone, let alone the service, and that's the point at which I realize a cell phone is a luxury, and then I feel like a spoiled techie yuppie. What do you think? Is it necessary, or is it a luxury?