OK, Cell Phone Rant group members, I've got a sticky subject on cell phone etiquette. It's pretty cut and dry where not to be on your cell phone, lest you're judged as rude or worse, icky — the drive-thru, ordering food, and yes, the bathroom — but are there places where you're receiving a service that it's OK?

I'm talking specifically about taxi cabs. Live in a city, and you're bound to take a few rides. The thought came to me the other night, when I got in a cab alone and had to let my boyfriend know that I was safely on my way home.

I kept it short because I wasn't alone inside the car, but besides being physically there to drive me, the driver didn't try to engage me in conversation. Our only exchanges were when I got in the car, to tell him where I needed to go, and at the end, to thank him when I paid.

To see what I think, just


So I'm conflicted. While I would never want to discount anyone's importance by talking on my cell phone as if they weren't there, it's not as if I'm ignoring him or making him wait for my instructions or payment. But on the other hand, I'm still uncomfortable having longer than a quick, informative call.

However, I know many people who use the time in the back of a cab to use their phone to catch up on returning calls or pass the time.

So, tell me what you think . . . is talking on your phone in a taxi cab kosher, or just as rude as anywhere else?

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