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Cell Phone Rant: The Old Ignore

Usually our cell phone rants have to do with people being on their cell phones at the wrong time and place, like while you're in the ladies' room, ordering food, etc., but here's an offense many of us do at some point, even if you're totally texting in the right time and place: The Ignore.

Have you ever been hanging out with someone when they're text messaging or on their cell phone, and it's like you're not even there?

They might not think they're being rude because they're not mid-conversation with you, but there are some people who will mentally check out because they're texting, and even though you know they can hear you, you can't get into a new conversation at all because their head is only on their phone.

I have a friend who does this — he gets a text and suddenly disappears. I can see him — I just can't talk to him or get him to respond until his text session is over.

To see what else I have to say about the Cell Phone Ignore, just


And there are also cell phone conversations. Even when you keep it short, sometimes you can tune out the person that you're with so much so that they feel invisible. Another person who shall remain nameless has a bad habit of picking me up in her car while she's already on the phone — and though I don't need her full attention, I know that if I say something, she won't hear me at all.

Most of the time, it's repeat offenders, and I know it sounds vague, like I'm criticizing people for giving all their attention to one task at a time, but it's more about how certain people will completely ignore you if you suddenly do need to say something.

It's not even like they'll give you the sideways glance acknowledgment of, "I know you need to talk to me, but this is important," it's as if they're not even there. Or worse, like you're not even there.

Do you know any ignorers?


sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
I do this. I can't help it. The person I'm with probably just isn't interesting enough or I wouldn't be texting anyway.
nikkecole nikkecole 8 years
my best friend does it ALL the time. i hate it....thought maybe i was the only one experiencing this. apparently not!
glynislily glynislily 8 years
I was talking about this with my sister earlier today. I find it extremely rude when people I am hanging out with will constantly answer the phone. It just feels like they would rather talk to their friend on the phone than to me. I had a boyfriend that would not let a phone call go unanswered. As anyone could guess was just damn annoying a rude. I mean seriously most people seem to think that their cell phone is some sort of emergency signal and that if they do not answer it, this will end the world. If you are hanging out with someone and you get a call let it go to voice mail and deal with it a more acceptable time or excuse yourself if is an important call. It's just polite. Especially if the offender is the host. Keep it brief.
rondelkitty rondelkitty 8 years
I've had numerous fights with 2 of my biggest offender friends on this very topic. It's just poor form and plain rude.
oohsexypenguin oohsexypenguin 8 years
My ex would do this all the time, and I hated it. He'd get a phone call while we were hanging out and totally ignore me while he chatted with his friend, even going so far as to say "I'm not doing anything right now, wanna hang out?" WHILE I WAS SITTING RIGHT THERE. Ugh.
michiwoohoo michiwoohoo 8 years
my boyfriend does this to me sometimes, so i'll whip out my phone and send him a text saying hi. it's funny, and it gets the message across (albeit in a passive aggressive way).
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
My sister does this since she got her iPhone. Hate. It.
dexaholic dexaholic 8 years
Yes! My boyfriend is the worst for The Ignore. He has an iPhone, so naturally he's obsessed with it. He has no qualms about texting at dinner... with his mother! He's even shushed me. I left the room.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i have two very specific friends who do this it's really really really annoying
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
Ever since my sister got her iPod touch she's on it constantly. She'll ask me to come over and all I do is just sit around cause she's playing with it so much! Needless to say I don't go over there very much anymore. I've said things but she doesn't think she's being rude even though I do feel like I'm being pushed aside, especially since she invited me over.
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