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Cell Phone Rant: Potty Talk

So far, the Cell Phone Rant group seems to be a cathartic place to unload all your frustrations with the rest of the oblivious cell phone world — in fact, I have even read a couple stories with my mouth agape, and it's pretty hard to surprise me!

My fave new cell phone rant comes to us from MartiniLush, who encountered a gabber in the place we expect a little privacy: The Ladies' restroom.

MartiniLush says: "So, I am at work one day last week and run into the ladies room to do my business. From the stall next to me, I hear someone talking and I am thinking 'wtf?'"

To see the rest of MartiniLush's story, just


". . . Yep, she was on a cell phone, having a rather personal conversation. . . all the while people are coming in and out, flushing, etc. . . I couldn't believe it!"

I don't know who I feel weirder for; the people like MartiniLush who had to listen to the conversation while trying to use the restroom in peace, or the person on the other end of the call, who heard the flushes!

Get the story and comments here, and don't forget to join the group!


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opentypeA opentypeA 8 years
My aunt's dropped her phone in the toilet TWICE!!! :-S
star54 star54 9 years
I've seen - well, heard - that happen so many times that it doesn't even shock me anymore.
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 9 years
The only person I'll ever talk to while in the bathroom is my mom. And that's if I have to pee REALLY bad and she's in the middle of a story. I won't flush until I hang up either. Otherwise I just tell her I'll call her back I have to use the bathroom. (Most times with my mom, if she doesn't tell you what she wanted to tell you at that moment, the thought is gone forever. LOL)
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
people do some weird things when they are on the phone. i don't get it either. just call them back!
jessie jessie 9 years
:rotfl: uuhhh....what do you do when you have to uhh..wipe?..."oh, hang on a minute while i clean up?!! put the phone down on the back of the toilet or what!? LMAO!!!!! :rotfl:
RadishSalad RadishSalad 9 years
A lot of people talk on their phones in the bathroom. It doesn't really bother me. But if it's really as personal as Lush makes it seem, maybe they should have taken their cellphone OUTSIDE. :O
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
also another weird note that looks like the bathroomof the Beverly Hills Hotel where pretty woman was filmed. Ok enough show biz geekiness I'll be going now
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
Thanks geek. I once had a friend who would have all of us follow her to the bathroom in person to continue conversations. if she was feeling particularly shy she would close the door half way. It kind of freaked me out at fisrt but then I thought oh well and just kept talking
Tabloid Tabloid 9 years
jennifer76, that happened to me too once in the mall! It was embarrassing!
Tabloid Tabloid 9 years
:ROTFL:!!! I was curious of the subject of this post so I read it and it made me laugh so hard. HAHAHAHAH!
chicagojlo chicagojlo 9 years
My (gah - already scratched!) iphone never leaves my desk during the day. Nobody is that important that they can't wait a minute to talk to me. Plus bathrooms are always so echo-y, I don't know how people can have cellphone conversations in there to start with!
BostonChick BostonChick 9 years
^^ Hahahahaha! I've done that before. I felt incredibly stupid but I had to laugh after that passed. Too funny!
dkaufmann125 dkaufmann125 9 years
I talk on the phone all the time in the bathroom (im usually using my bluetooth) I dont care and it's usually my mom or BF at work I also talk to other people in there. No big deal I dont know what the problem is.
Da-Ly Da-Ly 9 years
That is disgusting but it happens all the time. I'm still hoping one of them will accidentally drop their cell in the toilet. :P
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
This happened to me once at work and I thought she was talking to me! :rotfl: I totally answered back the first few things and then the "conversation" wasn't making any sense. So, I stopped and then we both came out of the stalls and she was on the phone. I felt like I must have unloaded all my brain cells in the toilet as well. :rotfl:
BostonChick BostonChick 9 years
It really is her, Geek? Interesting!
ehadams ehadams 9 years
The girl in the cubicle next to me talks all day long on her phone at her desk, then takes her cell phone to the bathroom and keeps talking!! She only hangs up when the manager comes over to talk to her. She has been on vacation the past week and it has been SO NICE.
Tech Tech 9 years
It is young Janice!
isahrangme isahrangme 9 years
eh i talk to my girlfriends, mom, or sister while we do our business. well mostly only if it's pee. i've never talked to someone while i poo'd but yea i don't know that i'd do it in a public place where there are a lot of people around.
BostonChick BostonChick 9 years
I'm more freaked out for the person they're on the phone with...haha. Bransugar79: It does looks like a young Janice, doesn't it? I don't think it is though. Just someone who resembles her.
neko neko 9 years
Oh....gross. I have never understood why people do this.
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
I have heard people on th ephone in thebathroom before and it's weird. Maybe the other person doesn't mind ? I can't imagine being that person but oh well. Also is that a young Janice Dickinson in the picture
TidalWave TidalWave 9 years
This happens a lot at work. People will either stand near the sinks and talk on the phone. Or actually have a conversation while they are on the toilet! It does freak me out and is pretty gross!!
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