As far as I'm concerned MTV's new teenage reality show Newport Harbor will never rival Laguna Beach, or The Hills in the drama or glamor departments, but it might give both shows a run for their money when it comes to number of cell phone and gadgets scenes in each episode. I was flipping through channels the other day and can confirm what communication experts have been saying for months: Teens don't need e-mail, cause they text message.

After a little research (no, I couldn't sit through an episode, but I could do some internet searching) I learned Chrissy has cell phone issues cause her father always calls to check up on her. Allie likes to leave mean voice-mails on her LG phone and Chase likes to call Taylor incessantly when she goes on dates with other guys. If only my problems were so simple.

So what cell phones are hot in the 15-18 market?

  • Sasha rocks a Verizon VX8500 Chocolate Phone
  • Courtney rocks a LG Chocolate Phone
  • Supposedly Allie rocks a Samsung U740 Gold Phone, but in the picture above she's got an LG CU400
  • Clay rocks a Motorola RAZR V3xx Phone
  • Grant rocks a Samsung BlackJack Smartphone
  • Chase rocks a Samsung A990 Phone.

Photos courtesy of MTV