"Boop boop boop boop!" That would be me wearing this bracelet made of old cell phone buttons, which would not be annoying to anyone at all. The Handy Bracelet is on sale for $25, and it's like a charm bracelet for geeks, only you didn't have to painstakingly choose charms that meant something to you; they've already been plucked from a dead mobile phone's keypad.

I also like thinking of this bracelet as a concept design for future cell phones, wherein you just press the charms of your bracelet to dial. I might get this bracelet to pretend that that's what it does; me talking into a fake cell phone on my wrist plus making "boop boop" noises might be enough to have me committed.

In any case, it's a pretty fab way to recycle something that would have just been waste. What do you think of it?