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Cherry Blossom Laptop Decals Make Me Happy to Be a Girl

For those of you who liked InCase's pink hard case laptop covers but still think $50 is a tad steep for a basic case, I offer you these gorgeous laptop decals by Etsy seller michellechristina. Simple, stunning, and only $14, these stickers don't look as janky as some skins can, and I find the flower design rather breathtaking.

The pink flowers are totally my favorite (why have I suddenly warmed to pink?! Blame Spring fever), but I also really love the black, and well, all 20 other colors she offers. They're pretty fabulous and girly (but not little-girly). Very big difference.

MuffinGal MuffinGal 9 years
I really love this decal! It's decorative without being overwhelming!
anne_ anne_ 9 years
neko neko 9 years
I love the binary laptop decal!
jennacyde jennacyde 9 years
Not for me- but the maker has got some other AWESOME decals for sale, both techy and homey!
MissMarisol MissMarisol 9 years
dzmartini - do you own stock in iSkinit? ahahahaha I wonder if they leave a residue on your case. Nonetheless, I am checking out her Etsy store.
Avenue-Z Avenue-Z 9 years
I love these kind of decals for my home office. The older I get, the more I like girly things. Go figure.
devils devils 9 years
That's really cute, and for $14 you really can't go wrong.
Madamesoybean Madamesoybean 9 years
Very cute...I'd use these in a heartbeat cuz they're not kiddy looking.
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Very pretty! I would absolutely use these.
kristaoz kristaoz 9 years
Another GREAT place for laptop covers/sleeves - the memory foam and neoprene kinds - is they have a GREAT zebra print that I LOVE!
ehadams ehadams 9 years
I love these and her other selections too. Now I just need a laptop to put them on ;)
Bisque Bisque 9 years
Man, I have to know where to buy myself something like this here--especially with the scratches I made when I first got my laptop. So far the closest I've seen to a laptop skin are crystal details, which I don't consider skins at all.
dzmartini dzmartini 9 years
I think that these are really cute but again I have to sing the praises of where they have so many skins to choose from. I have the peacock feathers :) If you dont like their selections you can even upload your own pictures! Their skins arent just for computers either. They have ones for cell phones and ipods too!
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