Technology and design are a funny combination. The truly unique ideas are few and far between and every couple of months one company will come up with a truly innovative design, concept or feature that everyone else will replicate, try to one-up and brand as their own. From the great Vista vs. OSX debate, to the never-ending iPhone and touchscreen debate, it is sometimes hard to decipher who came up with what first. TeamSugar user Sinsational contacted me about Meizu, a Chinese cell phone that she found on Gizmodo, which just happens to look a whole lot like the iPhone. "Could it be for real?" asks Sinsational. Apparently it is.

The concept renderings of the M8 PMP/cellphone from Meizu features the same touchscreen, one-button, everything-in-one appeal of the iPhone. No word if these are real or not, but something about it looks really familiar. For more about the phone, just

According to Gizmodo, this player runs WinCE 6.0, includes a 3-megapixel camera, 3.3-inch VGA+ screen, GSM support, TV-out and more. "I don't know whether to think this is fake, or a real knock-off. This isn't the first time Meizu has borrowed design elements from another company," says writer Travis Hudson.