I think me and a few thousand other women who saw the Sex and The City movie would like to have a few words with Mr. Big. But I'm going to leave that up to the writers and instead focus on his alter ego: Chris Noth. Having embodied TV's most famous commitment-phobe for years, Noth had some 'splaining to do on behalf of Mr. Big when it came to some of the silly and plot-altering tech habits he had at the press junket for the movie.

Are you tech savvy?

To a point. And then I stop. I mean, I have a cell phone, I have a computer, and it's great for sending some emails. But we do lose something by not being able to compose a letter. When I was at an age falling in love, we wrote letters and when you write a letter, you’re taking more time and it's just certainly a little bit more of a poetic medium. I can’t even see a poem or an email that would even go there.

For more of Mr. Big's sentiments (spoiler alert!), just


Does technology hurt the chance of finding true love?

More difficult. I don’t think you walk away from a wedding and have an easy way of explaining it the day of. That said, I think it is harder for people to find, possibly harder, for people to find in this day and age. Do you ever think that an email can equal a letter?

I see what Big, I mean Noth! is saying here, and I like that he didn't necessarily defend his character's actions. As much as I love me some email, I wish he had actually written a pen-and-ink letter to Carrie. What do you think? Do you think technology makes it harder to find love?

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