One day my best friend from childhood just up and joined the circus. I'm serious. We probably should have seen the warning signs - she always loved gymnastics, dance and hanging from monkeybars - but no one knew she would someday turn the vault in for the trapeze. Looks like she's the target market for the new LG LCD TV which is inspired and named after a Cirque Du Soleil show.

The “XCanvas Quidam” and the TV comes in six different sizes and is a tad more expensive than the regular non-circus-inspired models - a 32-inch runs at about $1,600 and a 42-inch is about $3,300. According to Oh Gizmo, the TVs have nifty auto-adjusting brightness, which is perfect for us lazy earth-bound TV viewers. Okay, so many trapeze queens aren't their target demographic. The rest of us lazy folk probably watch more TV than circus-types anyway.