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Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

Reader birdsflyinghigh posted the following observation in our new GeekSugar Q and A group:

On my way to work, I read the New York Times from my iPhone like I do many a morning. This morning I was simply astonished by an article about companies cleaning up online reputations, and that they want to possibly establish a online reputation bankruptcy where a person would be able to wipe the slate clean every ten years, similar to credit bankruptcy that allows the person to start over or restrict employers from doing an Internet search on possible candidates. For me personally, I think both of these ideas seem a little absurd and reactionary. It seems to me that people should learn that the Internet is forever and post cautiously. While I am sure Internet clean up reputation companies will be popping out of the wood work in the future, I wonder if that is really the best answer. What are your thoughts?

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Skeptic52 Skeptic52 6 years
It's not always about what YOU post, though. It's often about what other people post about you or in your name, though. THAT is what's scary. On the radio a few months ago I heard a lady call in all distraught because she was having trouble find another teaching job. Apparently, she worked at a catholic school up north, and had to move. It was impossible for her to find another job like that because back home a group of troublemaker girls who were her students made a terrible site about her on facebook. Even after contacting facebook, and a lawsuit, she was still unable to have her name come up clear (and without photos) online. At that point it had pretty much ruined her career.
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