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Geek Out: What's the Biggest Technical Mistake You've Made?

I don't know about you, but I tend to hoard data on my computer. I'm terrified of clicking the "empty trash" button only to find that I lost something I really need. In an age of digital dependence, it's all too easy to accidentally hit the wrong button, close the wrong window, or click the wrong option. (Just ask that stock trader who caused a frenzy with a typo last Spring.)

Today, I managed to accidentally remove the labels from 1,235 email messages in my Gmail account with one click, and missed the crucial "undo this action" period, meaning there are 1,235 unlabeled but important email messages floating around in inbox abyss. I don't know that it's possible for me to go back and re-label each one, so I may end up cutting my losses. But the feelings of dread and regret surrounding just one simple click is enough to ruin your day!

In an effort to allay my suffering, tell me: have you ever done something similar? Were you able to save or fix it?

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smeeker smeeker 6 years
I once saved all of my pictures to my external hard drive. I then used a backup program I was unfamiliar with, but assumed it would work like my other one and create a separate folder for my computer's backup. After backing up my computer I noticed all other files were deleted off of the external hard drive without even a warning message. Luckily, after a few hours of freaking out, I found a program to restore data and after several more hours was able to go through all of the recovered files to find the necessary ones. After that awful situation, I've learned to save files and backups on separate partitions.
imLissy imLissy 6 years
A couple weeks ago, I accidentally deleted the entire database for my old blog. All of my entries from 2001-2005 gone in an instant. Luckily I had several backups that I believe have at least a majority of the posts, but I can't restore the site since I also upgraded my PHP. One day I'll write a small script to read all the posts, but for now, it's just a dump of data. Oops!
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