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College Students Texting During Class

Students Say Professors Would Be Shocked at the Number of Texts Sent During Class

Everyone knows that teens are the kings and queens of texting, but recent data shows the 18-24 age group is gaining ground, sending an average of 1,630 texts per month, or three per hour. A new study finds that college students are texting during class and that, according to the students involved, professors would be shocked to learn how much texting occurs.

First, some statistics: 95 percent of those surveyed say they bring their phones to class every day. Ninety-one percent admitted to using their phones to text during class, and about half said it's easy to get away with texting unnoticed by the professor. And even though a quarter of those surveyed said that texting presents a major distraction during class, over half believe they should be allowed to text if they don't disturb others. And, a shocking 10 percent of respondents have sent a text during an exam. Isn't that called cheating? Find out my thoughts and share your own after the break.

Full disclosure: I went to college before texting had blown up into its current crazed state, but I'm fairly certain that if I would have pulled my clunky Nokia out of my bag to send a message, my professor would have noticed. Once I was busted for sending an IM during a computer class and was mortified — I can't imagine texting during class, whether I thought I was being disruptive or not. College students: do these numbers seem right? Are my thoughts outdated? And, is it ever OK to text during class?

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Rebecca15189455 Rebecca15189455 3 years
I text during class and think it is perfectly okay to do, as long as it is not a distraction to other students. All the other students do it too. I only do it though when the professors get into a long and off topic discussion with another student about a question they had, they do this a lot. I have one professor who doesn't even start teaching until about 20 minutes into the class because of the discussions he has. Another professor of mine just rants at us and uses information that isn't factual so yes I do text all the time in that class, and still pass. But if the teacher is giving crucial information or demanding all of our attention, my phone goes away.
Sarabear Sarabear 6 years
It is distracting when someone is texting in class. And guess what professors do notice it as do all the people sitting around you. It is quite rude to text, if you don't want to sit in class and listen to the lecture don't go. I feel the same way about people who go to class and sleep.
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