In another installment of "you should be working, not playing on this website" website of the day, Comcast has launched Comcastic, a fun little number of its own. Comcastic (not to be confused with Comcast), encourages you to play with puppets (including my fave, the robot), come up with some cool moves, even send a personalized puppet message to your pals — complete with a voice recording! You can also participate in five rounds of mouse-clicking games that could win you an entire year of free internet. Who wouldn't want a year of free internet to surf!? Start warming up those mousing fingers!

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Comcastic is reminiscent of those corporate-sponsored websites that popped up over the holidays, but way more interactive, plus a fun way to waste some time when you need a break from all those flow charts and expense reports. Just watch your back for the boss, they've been known to creep up on you.