Geek Out: Do You Care About the Quality of Your Phone's Pics?

A friend of mine recently upgraded from a BlackBerry Pearl to a BlackBerry Curve and sent me an "OMG! I can't believe it!" email after playing with the Curve 8900's camera. There's no denying the appeal of the tiny Pearl — not only is it now discounted with many carriers, but it's also functional, reliable, and has some great features. But its 1.3MP (or 2MP) camera doesn't hold a candle to the Curve's 3.2 MP shooter. The megapixel difference makes this like comparing apples to oranges, but boy, what a difference those pixels make.
With the popularity of mobile uploads on sites like Facebook, applications like twitpic, fancy iPhone camera apps and the ability to mobile blog, I worry the stakes and expectations for photos taken on cell phones are teetering on too high. Do you care? Or are cell phone pics just about instant gratification and capturing ridiculous moments?

Check out some additional comparison photos, when you