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Computer Mouse and Keyboard Each Have Over 700 Germs Per Square Inch

Your Keyboard and Mouse: The Germiest Things on Your Desk

Yuck! This month's Marie Claire pinpoints the dirtiest things on your desktop, and what were at the top of the list?

Your mouse, at 846 germs per square inch, and your keyboard, at 719.

It's not that shocking considering that these are the two things you constantly have your hands on all day (minus points if you, like me, ever eat at your desk). And if you ever sneeze or cough with your hand over your mouth while sitting at your computer, you can't always get up and wash your hands right away — but the polite move of covering your mouth just became a germ-spreader when you put that hand back on your mouse and keys.

Are you a little bit leery to click and type now? Bust out some baby wipes and use my other gadget cleaning tips and keep your area germ free!

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