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The results are in and it ain't pretty. According to the OECD's Communications Outlook 2007, households across the United States watch an average of eight hours and eleven minutes of TV per day. That number is three hours above the second highest couch potato country, Turkey, which is said to spend five hours in front of the tube per day. In 15 out of 18 countries studied, TV watching has increased from 1997 to 2005 and has surprisingly decreased in Spain, New Zealand and South Korea. I probably TiVo about four shows a day that are roughly an hour each - that's four hours of TV a day, give or take a little late night impromptu watching action - but because I fast forward through the commercials or often realize I don't care to see the shows I've TiVoed, I'm not watching anywhere near that number. Me a couch potato? I don't think so. How much time do you think you spend in front of the TV, computer and other media sources each day?
via Spluch from Economist

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