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5 Couples' Fights Brought to You by Technology: Are You a Victim?

Remember when the craziest technological dating problem you had to deal with was whether or not to send a "143" to your guy's pager? Now that technology and the way we communicate with each other have completely changed, it's unfortunately opened the door to some tech-fueled couples' squabbles. Here, five potential couples' fights brought to you by new technology. Have any of these situations happened to you?

  • Dropped calls: "Are you listening to me? Are you even there? Hello?" In the heat of the moment (or even just when you finally have five minutes to chat with each other), a dropped call can be unnerving. Especially unnerving if you are discussing something important or were cut off in the middle of a long story that you don't feel like repeating.
  • Unauthorized email CCs and forwards: Remember when my friend's new guy CC'd his mom on an email to her? While many of you thought feeling strange was an overreaction, CCing the wrong person, or worse, forwarding a chain of emails with personal, for-your-eyes-only content can easily cause a rift.

There's more! Check out the rest of my list (and share your stories) after the break.

  • Unanswered late night text messages: If my guy didn't respond to a simple "good night" text, I don't think I would be upset, but if you're having a text message conversation that suddenly goes silent or if you ask him or her to let you know they've made it home safely, "worried" could quickly turn to "upset."
  • Suspicious Facebook friendships: If your guy has plenty of preexisting girl friends on Facebook, that's one thing; if he's suddenly friends with a host of females you don't know, that's another. Of course, if he tells you who they are if you ask, that's fine. But if he keeps them a secret (even if they're strictly platonic friends), it could be cause for aggravation. Yes, sometimes the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head, even in the sanest couples.
  • Foursquare check-ins: The final word: don't tell us you're going to be somewhere and then check into somewhere else on Foursquare if you know that second "somewhere" is a place we'd prefer you don't go. And if you plan to pull this move, just go to the place; don't check in via Foursquare to let the world know. Same goes for Facebook.

Am I missing any? Have you had a squabble (even a tiny one) because of something like this?

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