Picture this: You just had the date of your dreams, so when he invites you to his place for a little night cap, you immediately say yes without hesitation. After a glass of wine, your stomach starts rumbling and you realize that extra spicy Tandoori chicken dish maybe wasn't the best ordering option for your first date. Next thing you know, you're in his bathroom, wondering how you'll be able to drown out unwanted restroom noise.

Not to worry! There's an app called Cover Up that is said to help women "save face in those potentially awkward situations in the office place bathroom, public restroom or at the new boyfriend’s house." For only 99 cents, you can choose from a variety of sounds (including running water, hand-dryers, and blow dryers) which are launched when touching any of the makeup compact areas — and yes, the makeup brush controls the volume!

You can have a peek at what the app looks like on your phone, when you