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Craig Ferguson Facts and Video

7 Reasons to Love Craig Ferguson

Happy Birthday, Craigy Ferg! Our favorite geeky Scotsman turns 50 today. Craig is a nerd-lover's dream; his love of science fiction and geekery come through on every episode and his Twitter account. Plus, he's got a TARDIS on his desk.

As host of the Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson has been keeping us in stitches since taking over late-night hosting duties in 2005. Here are seven reasons why we love the Ferg:

  1. Devoted Whovian — He dedicated an entire episode of his talk show to his love of Doctor Who. Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith even made his first American talk-show appearance for the episode.
  2. Robot cohost — Craig is such a huge Mythbusters fan that show host Grant Imahara built him a robot sidekick name Geoff Peterson.
  3. Geek Peacemaker — When discussing the time old debate of Star Trek vs. Star Wars with guest Adam Savage, Craig explains you don't have to pick a side, each have their own special star themes.
  4. Shark Fan — As host of the Discovery Channel's 2010 Shark Week, Craig guided viewers through his "favorite holiday."
  5. Loves puppets — Regular viewers of the show are familiar with the frequent use of puppets in the opening monologue and skits. For the 1,000th episode Wavy the crocodile hilariously hosted the whole show and interviewed Jason Schwartzman.
  6. Good sport — Craig went along with the original captain William Shatner's request to show off his horsemanship skills by galloping around the stage with Shatner at the reigns.
  7. Keeps it real — When Britney Spears was going through tough times a few years ago, Craig refused to joke about her on the show. Proudly sober for nearly 20 years, he understands that such trying issues don't need to be prodded further.

If you need any more proof as to why you should be loving Craig Ferguson, watch the song and dance performed on the Doctor Who episode of the Late Late Show. It wasn't aired on the show due to rights problems with the theme song, but it was later, thankfully, leaked on the web.

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tessamyrnamay tessamyrnamay 6 years
I love Craig, for all of these reasons and so many more (including the fact that Neil Patrick Harris called his show the most gay-friendly thing on television)!
karimoviegeek karimoviegeek 6 years
Also, this bloke's interviews with Ewan McGregor are my favorite things. Just too hilarious...
Tim-just-Tim Tim-just-Tim 6 years
Well, I agree with Evy and Susan, just posting to say that I've just watched that video for about the 30th time :)
evy28 evy28 6 years
My favorite late night talk show host. But as a fellow Whovian I really would be happy if he had John Barrowman on the show not just Doctor Who related but fellow Glasgowian.
susanec susanec 6 years
Plus he's loyal to guests who just make for interesting and fun interviews (Kristen Bell, Stephen Wright, Michael Sheen).
bgrhu bgrhu 6 years
Seven very excellent reasons! That lovely musical open did finally make it to air on 1/6/11, when another Whovian, Alex Kingston, was a guest. (
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