A federal appeals court recently ruled that Craigslist would not be held liable for discriminatory ads posted on its site. The lawsuit was brought forth over two years ago, because of housing ads that discriminated against minorities and religion. Though Craigslist was cleared last week as not being responsible, this is another case we've seen lately where a website that has hosted something incendiary or illegal, and we've been forced to question who's to blame. MySpace, in particular, has been under fire — we asked whether it was their fault at all in Megan Meier's case, or Kristin Helms' case.

Websites themselves can either rely on user-policing (like Craigslist's flagging policy) or hope that their terms of use are not violated, but I think it's only a matter of time that these sites are asked to crack down and be more involved. Newspapers running classifieds, for instance, take pains to avoid publishing discriminatory ads, so shouldn't Craigslist be held to similar standards? These sites are no longer small companies, so lack of resources is not a viable excuse anymore. What do you think?