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Geek Culture
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Crazy Computerized Lighting and Sound For Live Concerts

Crazy, Awesome, Geeky Computers Spotted at a Live Concert

I'm a big live music fan, as evidenced by my love of websites for finding live music near me and my dislike of tech-related distractions like texting during shows. While at a concert last week, I stood behind the most impressive sound and lighting boards that I have ever seen!

The lighting computers on the left were operated with touchscreens. There were at least eight different screens, and watching the technician hop from computer to computer changing the lighting as the show went on was mesmerizing. Equally impressive: the sound board, on the right. I wish I could have gotten a tiny bit closer, but check out all of the knobs, switches, and colored lights. I can't pretend I know what any of them control (unless there's a master volume dial), it's interesting to watch. At times I found myself more captivated by the lighting and sound techs than the actual concert!

To check out my favorite stunning lighting scene from the show,


Check out all of the different lighting elements — makes sense why there are so many controls!

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