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Create Talking Avatars With eVite's Party Personality Service

Geek Tip: Create Your Party Personality on eVite!

How many geek tips come to you in the pure, unadulterated name of fun? Because that's exactly what this one is all about. The next time you're replying yes (and leaving a fabulously witty comment) to an eVite, create a talking response with a Party Personality!

In an eVite, click on "Create Your Party Personality" under the Guest List. A window will pop up, allowing you to customize your Party Personality — complete with avatar, setting, and a recorded message so that when other guests see your name in the reply on the eVite, they can click it and hear you giving your response! The service is brought to you by Voki and you don't have to register to have your customized avatar appear.

I chose the classiest avatar, a hot dog, and I called in and recorded my sophisticated and articulate message: "Whoo hoo, party time!"

Yep, a partying hot dog. Totally sums up my party personality!

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Andrew-Warner Andrew-Warner 9 years
I organize a lot of parties and I don't think my guests are trying to figure out what each other's avatars look like. They want to actually see who will be at the party. That's why I'm creating my own invitation Web site called and I'm letting guests post their REAL pictures on invitations + links to their Web sites + chat with each other. Evite's great. I still use them sometimes. But when you want your guests to actually meet and mix before your party, you're welcome to use my site,
LuxuryAddict LuxuryAddict 9 years
I love sites where you get to make your own avatars looks like fun!
ALSW ALSW 9 years
So cool. And too funny!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Too funny.
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