I can't help but get a bit of satisfaction and pleasure from personalizing my gadgets — especially with fun new decals and chic new cases. So when PartySugar gave me a glittery-gold sticker to put on the back of my cell phone (it was the first initial of my name), I absolutely loved it. The sticker has since worn off (call it overuse of the phone if you will), but I'm always on the look out for sparkly new accessories to jazz up my gadgets.
Aside from the usual blinged-out, cellphone cases at CES this year, I also came across (ahem . . . was blinded by) these crystal-covered laptop stickers. I can't say I'd want to go all out and slap one of these on my laptop, but I'm curious to know if any of you would?! What do you think? Too geeky or somewhat geek chic?