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Cell Phone Rant: On the Phone at the Pharmacy

Spending an hour waiting for a prescription to be filled is not anyone's idea of fun, but it happens to all of us once in a while. It happened to me recently, and as I sat in the small waiting area, I people-watched the pharmacy line (and read People, of course).

What had me surprised on this day, other than the length of time it takes Walgreens to get a prescription ready, was the amount of people who stayed on their cell phones while interacting with the pharmacist.

One customer talked so loudly while in line that another customer scolded him; this had no effect, though, since he continued his conversation as the pharmacist at the counter counseled him on how he should take the meds (a multitasker!).

To hear who else had to gab, just


Another woman exasperatedly had to end her phone call at her turn at the window, when she realized she couldn't just ignore the pharmacist, and that there were, in fact, details to work out with the medicine.

I get it; we're all busy. But aren't the drugs you put in your body kind of worth all your attention? What if you missed an instruction because you didn't hear it while talking on your phone? This is one of those places you put the phone on hold — not the person who's dispensing your medicine.


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