When it comes to holiday shopping, I prefer to stay at home, order online, and if I'm lucky, get free shipping. Who needs to trek out to the mega malls and department stores when you have everything you need in front of you? But if you are taking advantage of the deals that come along with Cyber Monday, there is one thing I must warn you of first: don't blindly follow links that are sent to you.

Online shopping is risky enough with malicious websites, downloads that are riddled with computer viruses, and hackers out to get your credit card numbers, so take heed and be warned: if you get a "super sale" notice in your email inbox, or one of your Facebook friends starts posting random links on your wall telling you, "I got this great deal and so can you," it could be a scam! How do you combat these potentially hazardous links? Find out after the break.

Instead of clicking on links, enter the website address into your browser directly. See an email pop up from your favorite beauty store saying they have a last minute Cyber Monday deal on the face cream you've always wanted? Go to the website directly yourself instead of clicking on the link. Hackers are crafty, and could be sending you to a site that was made to look like YourFavoriteBeautyStore.com, but it's really a sneaky way to get their hands on your credit card number. I know what you're thinking — it's hard to trust anyone anymore, and it's true. For your financial safety, be cautious this Monday; it could save you lots of headaches . . . and money.