As far as buzzwords on the top of the list recently, "high definition" is a phrase I've been hearing nonstop. From product advertisements to television broadcasts and Internet phone calls, it seems like people are totally into living life in HD. And apparently online shopping is no exception. While taking advantage of a coupon that popped into my email inbox, I was browsing through running shoes on popular shoe retailer DSW's website. I'm pretty fussy about my running shoes and usually like to see them in person before I buy, but the online-only discount was too good to pass up.

Then I noticed a "View in HD" button above the shoes I was checking out. High def online shopping? Really? Turns out the HD view is really just a large image of the shoe that you can view from any angle (including top and bottom) and spin in a complete 360-degree circle. I'm not knocking the feature — if I'm buying a product online I like to get the best view possible — but the use of "HD" made me giggle. I wonder how many other sites will follow suit!