• In June alone, Nintendo sold 666,000 Wii units and since its launch, over 11 million, making it the highest selling console in the US. — Tech Ticker
  • There's actually an iPhone app that lets you transform yourself into the Joker from The Dark Knight. — Gizmodo
  • Lexie Barnes has just unveiled a new line of laptop bags that are affordable and come in a variety of sizes for different laptop models. — Chip Chick
  • Wondering whether to use Outlook or Gmail as your primary web client? Lifehacker lists the pros and cons of each. — Lifehacker
  • Are you a Verizon customer and own a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl or 8830 World Edition smartphone? Verizon has just announced that it is opening up mobile banking to its BlackBerry customers. — Gadgetell
  • It's giveaway time! Be sure to log in for your chances to win a new iPhone 3G by Apple! — geeksugar