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Daily Tech: Oprah to Declare the Kindle Her New Favorite Gadget

  • Today's the day that Oprah will announce her new favorite gadget. The Boy Genius has checked out the source code of the XML file on her website (which says Kindle all over the place), and that paired with the fact that this episode is being pimped on Amazon's homepage means only one thing: her new favorite gadget is the Kindle. Update: Use the OPRAHWINFREY code to get $50 off a Kindle on Amazon! — The Boy Genius Report
  • Starting next week, Sprint will be unveiling the HTC Touch Pro, which will become available at Sprint stores and on their website by Nov. 2. — CrunchGear
  • This was brilliant! Last night during SNL's Weekend Update, Fred Armisen did a hilarious skit with a copy-cat version of CNN's "Magic Map." Just goes to show the endless possibilities with such a high-tech map! — Engadget
  • I yi yi! Motorola has just introduced the Aura, a luxurious cell phone that costs a whopping $2,000. — Wired
  • It's giveaway time on geeksugar! Log in and participate in our geeky Halloween costume contest for your chances to win a Canon Rebel XSi SLR Digital Camera! — geeksugar
Join The Conversation
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 8 years
i want the htc touch pro! it's so pretty... i can't wait to play with it in the store!
jmichelle jmichelle 8 years
I totally knew it the moment I saw the preview last week. I remember her giving a small (even insignificant) plug to Kindle on an episode a couple weeks back when she introduced the new addition to her book club. I knew Amazon had to jump all over that to get an official seal of approval. I'm just glad I got my Kindle before this... everyone and their mother's gonna want one now (well at least the ones who didn't want it BEFORE Oprah endorsed it)
Sarana Sarana 8 years
Are there still people that care what Oprah says? I can't even watch that show for more than a minute, she is so annoying and full of herself.
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 8 years
I haven't seen the SNL skit of this yet
lovely2190 lovely2190 8 years
i dont know i am not that wowed by the design for the Aura???
lovely2190 lovely2190 8 years
Hahaha i loooved the magic map skit!! hilarous!!!
neko neko 8 years
I'm hoping this clears out the Kindle stock. I'm ready for the new version.
supercharger5150 supercharger5150 8 years
Damn it, Now I'll never get one!
a-geek a-geek 8 years
Go kindle!
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