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Dale Larson, The First Person In Line for the iPhone 3G at San Francisco's Apple Store

Dale Was Third in Line Last Year, First in Line This Year

"I'm not a fan of Apple in particular. I'm a fan of anyone who understands the power of good design (understood in the broad sense) and delivers a fantastic end-to-end experience," says Dale Larson, who landed himself the prime real estate spot in front San Francisco's Apple store. Yes, Dale was first in line when Apple employees opened their doors this morning for the iPhone 3G launch, unlike last year when Dale had two other eager shoppers ahead of him. At least he was dressed to impress for the second year in a row!

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dalellarson dalellarson 9 years
In fact, it took hours more to get through the iTunes part of the process while the servers were swamped, then the handset still didn't work. The FANTASTIC manager of the SF store, Michael, spent another hour on the phone with AT&T for me and I'm finally up and activated! (Would have rather done some work today, but enjoyed a hot tub and shower, too!)
Tech Tech 9 years
Hey Dale! So great hearing from you! I can't believe you were in there for over two hours! Nuts! You'd think after waiting in line for over thirty-six hours, they would have hooked you up quicker! It was great seeing you again - you're an "internets" celebrity! Now go sleep the day away - you deserve it!
dalellarson dalellarson 9 years
I haven't been with Donordigital for a while now, but cute that you pulled up last years pic and info... I'm now the (almost) happy owner of a new iPhone 3G. Apple store actually couldn't sell it to me due to system problems. After 2.5 hours inside the store, they gave me a free one plus a credit on my AT&T account. As soon as I can actually activate it through iTunes, I should be a happy camper. Find me at
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