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As soon as I saw "What does your email signature say about you?" on lifehacker, I knew I'd be just as entertained as with Yumsugar's Starbucks Oracle. The good news? According to this analysis by Mitch Wagner at Information Week, important people don't bother with e-mail signatures, so I'm guessing my signature - or lack thereof for my personal email - means I'm super cool?! That or I'm just super lazy for not creating one. My work signature is a tad more intricate with contact info and all that jazz, so I may not be a lost cause. Read on to see what yours apparently says about you!

  • Billionaires are most likely to write emails in lower-case and sign it with one-syllable nickname you had in prep school.
  • The longer your e-mail signature, the lower down the food chain you are.
  • Your e-mail signature reflects how powerful you are. For instance, if you were profiled on "60 Minutes," you don't need no e-mail signature.
  • Some people's signatures are way too long. Ex: including name, job title, street mail address, business phone number, three instant message IDs, email, URLs for two sites, and Second Life avatar name.
  • Marketing people have company slogans in their e-mail.

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